We have the knowledge and experience to help you get the "right" saddle for ultimate comfort for you... and your horse.


TNT Horse Equipment is an authorized Timberline dealer and we are proud to say that we have been riding flex panel saddles for over 18 years. 

  Timberline has a revolutionary saddling system, which not only incorporates a rigid tree for the rider’s comfort and security, but also isolates the tree from the horse’s back with two flexible panels.  These panels contour to the horse and flex while riding to allow the horse free movement.  The saddle tree never touches the horse with a Timberline saddle!  Never again must a saddle be fitted to a horse because the concealed flexible panels automatically adapt to the shape of the horse.

Our flexible panels mean more than just an easier fit!  They mean comfort for your horse!  This will allow him to respond more readily to your cues and he will have a better attitude as he performs to his full potential.

We offer a full slate of lovely saddles - Western, English, and Endurance.  Every saddle will be a quality crafted item and we will make it look and feel great for you, the rider, as well.

We may also have a used saddle that will suit your needs or serve as a second saddle.  Our used gallery offers you a chance to try various disciplines and styles without the financial commitment of a new or custom saddle.  

Check out our all of our available styles on the pages that follow.  We look forward to providing the perfect saddle for you!

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