Timberline Saddles

Endurance Timberline saddles are comfortable for any horse and rider for long, enjoyable rides.

Also, most western models can be made without a horn and styled as an endurance saddle. Options are listed at the bottom of this page.

Comfort Rider
Base Price $2,654
Available in 16", 17", 18"

This one comes standard with or combination of foams skived and covered with top-grain upholstery leather formed in an anatomically correct shape to keep your seat comfortable.  This is a versatile saddle for competitive trail events or dressage lessons.  The adjustable rigging allows for use on a variety of shaped horses.

Cutback Trail Blazer
Base Price $2,553
Available in 16", 17", 18"

This is a low profile saddle with a padded seat hand skived to an anatomically correct shape.  The cutback pommel allows the rider to get as low and far forward on the horse as need be.  Generous thigh rolls allow  one to brace comfortably with the  upper thighs on the down hill.  More "legs under" styling with the fear of tipping forward.

Base Price $2,553
Available in 16", 17", 18"

All in one saddle.  Can be used as a show saddle, a work saddle, or a trail saddle.  All the comfort and security of a training saddle yet the sleek and professional look of a show saddle but still comfortable for an 8-hour trail ride.  It is short to accommodate the short backed hose and the weight has been kept down to make it user friendly.

Timberline Officers Model
Base Price - $2,606
Available in 14", 15", 16", 17"

This is the lightest close contact distance saddle offered.  It has a modified fork and cantle form the "U.S. McClellan Military saddle.  It offers the best strength to weight ratio for a saddle tree.  The front of the fork and back of the cantle have loops and rings to carry lots of gear.  It offers front and rear thigh rolls for soft security.

  Endurance Base Price Includes These Options:

       Choice of saddle and seat leather colors.

       All border tooling and hand carve options available.

       2" Leather leathers standard.

       Nylon core E-Z Ride stirrups.

       Choice of Western or English rigging.

       Choice of stainless steel or brass hardware.

       Two or four saddle strings.     

       No horns available.

       Knee rolls - add $130

       Thigh rolls - add $91

Prices subject to change without notice.

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